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Hello Mummy Daddy


It is my pleasure to welcome you as the Founder of Excel Genius Special School (EGSS). I have always believed that, every human being is born with their own talents and uniqueness. It is up to the parents how to make the most of it so that the child’s potential is fully utilized. I also believe that every child comes with different challenges, thus is not only responsibility of parents but it is the community’s role as well to help these children grow up well. If there is any problem that interferes the child’s growth and development, the best thing to work on is to be in touch with the support team immediately so that intervention can be given earlier.

Excel Genius Special School (EGSS) is a primary school for children with special needs and one of subsidiaries under the brand of Excel Qhalif (EQ). EQ mainly caters for pre-school children aged 2-6 years old in providing playgroup therapy, one to one therapy and intervention in Klang Valley. EQ has more than 10 years experience and dedicated commitments in education industry, EGSS was born to make an education become more accessible to everyone and to foster continuous learning for children with special needs from minimum age of 6 until maximum age of 14 years old.

In EGSS, I can assure you that EGSS is comprised to interdisciplinary team of dedicated staffs, from a devoted executive team to highly trained group of therapists and teachers. We have our mutual mission, which is to shape the special needs chidlren to be more independent, have a proper education and better in future. To accomplish this mission, it requires love, forethought, flexibility, creativity and understanding of the needs and ability of this students. This is a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly.

Last but not least, I do encourage you to spend some time to read more about our school. We look forward to serving your child better.


To educate and train the children by emphasizing their specific needs related to unique abilities, educational challenges and social communication.


To become a pioneer primary special school in providing better integration of special education and early intervention programme.


a) To create a positive climate for learning that helps special need students to achieve excellent learning outcomes, such as to improve attention, reduce anxiety and support emotional and behavioural regulation of students.

b) All children are unique in their own ways, and it is our top priority as an educator to nurture those qualities in our special need students that benefits them to acquire new skills and develops their full potential

What EGSS Provide?

Started From

7 – 14 Years



Kurikulum Standard Rendah Pendidikan Khas Kebangsaan KSSR PK (Learning Disability)

Class Ratio

1 Booster &
5 Shooter (6-8 Student For One Teacher)



2 Packages – Package A (Half day), Package B (Full day)





5 Reason

Why You Should Choose Us

Why Us?

School Moduls

  • Derived from KSSR PK (learning dissability)
  • Trusted foundation in providing the best intervention program
  • Integration of special education and early intervention program


  • Well Trained
  • Skilful
  • Passionate
  • Talented
  • Creative

Lower Student-to-Teacher Ratio

1 Teacher : 6-8 Students

Micromanage School Setting

Offer partnerships between parents, teacher and school

Educational Approaches

  • More freedom to nimble and experimental to serve better in needs of the students

  • Providing fun learning environment

  • Create strategy to maximise child’s potential

  • Aim to give the best experience for children to develop in their own way

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