Assalamualaikum for all readers and happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak and hope in this holy month will give shinning and blissful in your life. In this article, i would like to share with all the readers about the superb development of the children in our playgroup. Hope it can benefit to all. 🙂

Alhamdulilah,the children in our playgroup able to adopt all the lessons effectively though their are still young. Let’s we share some of their improvements in our playgroup classes.

Since we had introduced them with varieties of taste that Allah given us in our last class , ‘My sense of Taste’ some of the children are able to pronounce it spontaneously when we were giving her a strawberry. As we know, the taste of the fruit was a SOUR right ? It was amazed that the children popped out the word of SOUR instead of ‘masam’ in Malay language. Alhamdulilah, even though the class just started but they learn it so fast. Teacher proud of u, children ! Be a good Khalifah.

Thank you readers for reading my little sharing and story about our Islamic playgroup. It’s proven, for children below 4 years old they can catch up all the knowledge easily when we using edutainment approach as the fundamental learning. In here, we instill Islamic values amongst your loved one by exposing them to Islamic songs, Islamic manners and active play to generate their self confidence in public speaking. With weekly changing topic in classes they attended it aid them in boosting their interest in learning more comprehensively. You won’t surprise one day , when your children say, “Mummy, i want to go to school” . Relief . Thank you Allah. 🙂

InshaAllah readers, we will meet again for better sharing and explanation in exploring more miracles in early childhood apparently when all these can be applied for your own babies. See you again !

Tempting to know more ? For those who are interested to see the REAL of our playgroup classes, join our TRIAL CLASS today ! Visit our website for more details at or call us 016 496 5496 for better explanation.

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