Parents naturally want to give their child the best start in life. They will do everything they can to ensure the best for their child intellectual development. Between the age of 1 till 4 years, children is learning constantly through her physical activities.

As movements become more coordinated and are repeated hundreds of time each day, your child learns eye-hand coordination and how to grasp something she sees.

Have you ever heard about cognitive skills ? The word of ‘cognition’ is defined as ‘the art of knowing’ or ‘knowledge’. Therefore, cognitive skills is refer to all those skills that make your child possible to know and learn.

It should be noted that there is nothing that any human being knows, or can do, that he has not be learned. Thus, all the cognitive skills must be properly taught to ensure perfectness in your child development.

In every playgroup classes, children is being exposed how to learn stay in focus and concentrate to all instructions. They will often ignored irrelevant information and hindrances such as crying noises’ friend in order to successfully allocate attention towards Teacher.

Focus must be taught, after child’s proficiency can be constantly improved by regular and sustained practice. This ability is developed through the enormous classes and aid from parents.

Example : In every singing activities it requires the eyes and hand coordination. They will execute the task perfectly when they keep in focus to all music instructions like as up, down, turn-around, jump and many more. Brains works harmoniously with physical body when received an accurate instruction by focus in mind.

Thinking emerges between ages 2 and 3, after the child has learned to speak. They speak of what they feel and some imitation of others. When the child says Mama’ or ‘Papa, it expresses their feelings towards them and not any sort of concept of thought.

Thinking is first developed from speech and talking. Bed-time story telling for your child is one of the good pills in stimulus their cognitive skills. So talk to and with your child a lot !

Example : Child love to sit and hear any story-telling in class. They might be excited to see multi-coloured of story books and how does the characters look alike. When talk about my favourite things at home, they easily elaborate one by one their favourite things. With different of topics discussed in every week classes, it contribute growth of your child thinking ability.

The development of the child’s memory echoes the historical development of humanity. It involves recalling something when the child is in the same environment or receives similar sensory cues.

They will easily memorizes things which represented by monuments, cairns, events or even people. This type of memory is very strong in the young child and will last forever.

Example : If you ask them, ‘What did you do at school today?’, they will typically say,’Nothing or Don’t Know. But if we give them some cues, where you start to sing one of the songs in class, then you can get amazingly they remembered it again. That’s why the reason in our playgroup classes, the involvement of parents is vital. While you having fun in class just for an hour a week, it can be continued at home afterwards.

Everyday events are great adventures for a toddler, and she loves to live through them again and again in her imagination. Learning together with your children provide many opportunities for both growth.

Even the playgroup program still new and eccentric for some people but we are living in a time of transtition, a time in which the old patterns of society no longer hold us. We are being called upon to approach all aspects of our lives with new awareness. Let’s being new by joining us today !


Excel Qhalif menjemput tuan/puan dan si manja anda ke Kelas PERCUMA ALIMkids Playgroup yang berlangsung hampir setiap hujung minggu. Ruangan kelas ini diadakan khas untuk anak anda mengalami sendiri modul kami. Disamping perolehi hujung minggu yang berkualiti bersama anak-anak, si manja juga mendapat ilmu, berinteraksi dan bersosial secara sihat. Ibubapa dan si manja dari usia 2 ke 4 tahun dijemput hadir. Bukan untuk orang lain tetapi untuk anak anda. InsyaAllah. Klik banner di bawah untuk ketahui jadual, lokasi dan daftarlah sekarang!

Love and care,
Teacher Ayu. 🙂

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